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Search Engine Reputation Management

Search Engine Reputation Management 

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We can remove the negative listings about you or your company from the first page of google !

We are experts in search engine reputation repair !

Negative publicity on the internet is costing corporations millions. In many cases negative publicity can be outdated, inaccurate, and even made up by a competitor. Through online reputation management we can help you get to the root of the problem and solve it.

Our Reputation Management services can:

  • Create positive websites about you or your company
  • Move negative information off the first page of search results
  • Move positive sites into higher positions
  • Create positive PR
  • Reduce negative PR
  • Enable searchers to find the desired content

When your company’s reputation is on the line, you need to react-fast. News travels the quickest on the web, which is why the implementation of proper online reputation management is critical in addressing negative press during crisis situations.

A rumor can quickly turn into a search engine bad reputation for your business!

The internet has become such a major source of information that many people rely on search engines to learn about organizations before they accept job positions, hire them for work, or purchase products. This makes the importance of effective online reputation management paramount for your organization. We offer online reputation management that will help your company maintain a positive image online.

For a  Free Consultation Contact us at: .

Do You Need Search Engine Reputation Management Services?
Many organizations and individuals believe that they don’t need online reputation management services because they conduct their businesses honestly. This will certainly help your company maintain a good image, but you can’t always trust your competitors and former employees to present your organization in a positive light. In fact, DONE! SEO’s experience in online reputation management has shown us that disgruntled employees, unethical competitors, and hostile customers can have a serious affect on a company’s online reputation and bottom line.

For a  Free Consultation Contact us at: .

There are top ten Google rankings that you “don’t” want!

Negative information about your company buried on page 200 of a search engine query has a minimal affect, but a top ten rank will definitely have exposure. Search engines are the preferred source for information gathering about anything and they’re used universally by anyone using the Internet. The problem is that the good, the bad and the ugly shows up in search engine rankings. It’s all generated by specific search terms and proprietary algorithms used by the search engines to rank content. The SE’s will rank any text based content regardless of the source. Might be good and it might be bad.

While good is good, let’s focus on where the “reputation damaging” content can come from…. Forums, blogs, hate sites, advocacy and consumer sites, protest sites, sites from disgruntled employees, unions, business associates and not surprisingly, sites created by some law firms in class action litigation. With some optimized content a lot of negative reputation damaging content can easily show up on the first page of search results for many keyword phrases related to your company. In the case of Google, it’s the first ten results people will see.

Heed this warning…IMHO your largest blindsided exposure will be from Blog posts. Once the diaries of web geeks for online ramblings, blog use has exploded and will continue to grow rapidly. At some point in the future they will outnumber conventional websites! Blogs have a lot of spider friendly content for her to devour.

While damaging information from a conventional website might take months to be indexed in the SE’s and be nestled in 4 billion web pages depending on the search terms used; a blog post could find a home in a top 10 rank “faster than you can run from a burning house.”

Blogs can be set up in minutes, they’re almost completely idiot proof, they’re free or unbelievably inexpensive and with RSS, live feeds and the use of newsreaders, they contain the text based, frequently updated content that the search engine spiders love.

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